Our main dish is a rare and authentic style of cuisine from Tosa in Japan, “WARA-YAKI”
using roaring flames from burning straw for a unique and delicious taste and aroma.

“Sapporo” brews premium lagers using the highest quality ingredients.
Sapporo beer brings crisp refreshing flavour and smooth finishing mouthfeel.



Enjoy our traditional Japanese Izakaya style street food and fresh sashimi fish.
Owner-chef DAIZO YAMADA will provide you real Japanese quality with his more than 20 years Japanese chef experience
in Japan, Taiwan and New Zealand.

Aburi – Beef Sirloin

200g /With Onion Sauce, Spring Onion & Lemon

Aburi – Ora King Salmon

120g / With Ponzu, Spring Onion & Lemon

Yokocho Special Sashimi

15pcs / Sashi-mori

Whole Squid

With Mayo & Soy Sauce

“Yakitori” Chicken Skewers

2pcs / With Yakitori Sauce & Chili

Saba Sushi

8pcs / Roll Sushi Topped with Mackerel

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