It connects to the world as many as “delicious”


Japanese Lantern Street Bar is looking for people who want to make innovative popular Japanese restaurant together
in NEW ZEALAND! We will develop a popular “Japanese Sake Bar” which can enjoy delicious sake and delicious
dishes, such as sashimi, sake, yakitori, wine etc.

Since we will continue to open stores with a view towards increasing the number of stores in the future, the
opportunity to become executives from now is also great.
To make your dream of independence, it is OK to make the most of your company!
You can learn not only about cooking, learning about Japanese customer service, management necessary for
operation, practical English.

Let’s cooperate together, let’s make unique shops that are no other!

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Career opportunity – 募集職種

店長候補 / 副店長候補 / ホールマネージャー候補 / ヘッドシェフ調理候補
Shop manager / Deputy manager / Hall manager / Head chef

Business content – 業務内容

飲食業務一般 ※配属により異なる。店舗運営全般、商品開発等含む。
General foodservices *Depends on assignment. Store management in general, product development etc.

Qualification requirements – 応募資格

日本及びNZ の新卒・第2新卒・ワーキングホリデイ渡航者歓迎
・ 30 歳以下の場合 : 飲食業で合算2 年以上の経験がある方(アルバイト経験含む、在職証明書要)
・ 31 歳以上の場合 : 合計で3 年以上の経験のある方
・ 調理師免許保持者
※ビザ取得のため2 年以上の飲食業務従事経験または調理師免許が必要となります。
New Zealand Citizen / Japanese citizen /
Working holiday visa holder or Available work visa holder /
Food hospitality industry experienced person preferential treatment (including part-time job experience) In
case of visa support, one of the following is necessary.
・ For those under 30 years old, those who have 2 years of combined experience in the restaurant industry
(including part-time job experience)
・ Those aged 31 and older have experience of 3 years or more in total
・ Cooker license holder
*It is necessary to have experience of restaurant business over 2 years in order to obtain the visa.

Employment status – 雇用形態

正社員 / アルバイト
シフト制(配属先により異なる) / 週休2 日制
Full-time or Part-time
Shift work (depends on workplace) / weekly 2 days off

Work location – 勤務地


Interview place – 面接地

ニュージーランド オークランド
Onehunga Auckland(Japanese Sashimi BAR AJIMI)
Available overseas and other cities, the Internet (Skype / LINE)

Treatment & Benefits – 待遇・福利厚生

正社員(経験、資格保持者優遇)/ 昇給制度( 試用期間3 ヶ月有り)
ビザサポート制度 / 家族手当制度 / 日本帰省手当制度
英語教育制度補助有り / 制服貸与 / 賄い制度有り
NZ 酒類取扱い免許取得補助 / NZ 食品衛生者免許取得補助
年に1 度4 週間の有給休暇有り / Kiwi Saver(年金制度・希望者)/ 社割制度
保険: 業務上の怪我はACC による医療費の補助有り
Full-time employee (Experience, preferential qualification benefit) Raise
payment system
Performance bonus system
Visa support system
NZ food hygiene license support
NZ Manager certificate support
4 weeks paid leave (per year work)
Kiwi Saver (Pension system · Applicant)
Corporate discount system (use of group restaurants)
insurance:Injuries are subsidized by ACC for medical expenses.
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