“ ABURI-YAKI”- kind of cooking method to burn the surface of beef, chicken and fish with flame or heat.
Our Aburi-yaki is a rare and authentic style of cuisine from Tosa in Japan, “WARA-YAKI”
using roaring flames from burning straw for a unique and delicious taste and aroma.


Abruri – Beef Sirloin

200g /With Onion Sauce, Spring Onion & Lemon

Aburi – Duck

150g /With Yuzu Pepper

Aburi – Chicken Teriyaki

230g /With Teriyaki Sauce & Mayo


Charcoal Grilled may be the most popular “Izakaya” menu in Japan.
Enjoy griled chicken, fish or squid over the charcoal.


Sumibi – Whole Squid

With Mayo & Soy Sauce

Sumibi – Pork Spare Ribs

With Japanese BBQ Sauce & Mayo

Sumibi – Scallops

With Garlic Butter & Soy Sauce


Ora King Salmon Sashimi

10pcs / Sashi-mori

Yokocho Special Sashimi

15pcs / Sashi-mori

Saba Sushi

8pcs / Roll Sushi Topped with Mackerel

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